With bills on the rise it’s important to have a look at how you can make simple changes to reduce these. One way you can make a difference is to have low energy lighting installed. Your local electrician in the Hills District can install and help plan where to put your low energy lighting. Here are a few tips on how to save money with low energy lighting.

Installation of new lights and light fittings

If your bills are through the roof and you are looking at ways to reduce them you may consider installing new lights. Your local  Hills District electrician can help find great quality lights and light fittings which will stand the test of time. This not only saves you money on your bills but as they last longer you don’t have to spend money constantly replacing globes.

Layout and design

Your local  Hills District electrician can assist you with the layout and design of your lights. This planning phase can save you money as you can choose the minimum amount of lights to create the level of brightness you desire.

Down lights, LED & fluorescent lighting

There are a number of lighting options for your home including down lights, LED and fluorescent. Your  Hills District electrician  can help you choose the right fit for your home. Down lights are popular and LED uses less energy bringing down your bills. Most of us are guilty of leaving lights on when they’re not being used, so this at least brings down the energy used.

Security lighting

Review your security lighting with your local electrician in the Hills. If you prefer leaving your light on all night look into low energy alternatives. Or you may wish to look at sensors so that it is not left on all night. Either way these can save you money on your electricity bill.

Outdoor lighting

There are a number of options for reducing the energy used by your outdoor lighting including solar powered and LED. Your local electrician in the Hills can help determine which would be the best fit for your outdoor area and fully install them for you. Changing your outdoor lighting can have an impact on your electricity bills.

If you look at the number of lights both inside and outside your home it makes sense that these have a great impact on your electricity bill. Look at the installation of low energy lighting with advice from your local electrician in the Hills can make a huge difference.

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